Creative Economy Lab

The Lab
CreActivitas is the first (and only) Creative Economy Lab in Italy. Created by Professor Fabio Borghese in the University of Salerno, it is active since 2010 and is now in its third year of activities.

The name
CreActivitas’ is a name came from the matching of two words and many concepts: the Anglophone ‘Creative’ – referring to the focus field of creative and cultural industries – and ‘Activitas’, from latin, expressing the mood for a sort of ‘craftsmanship approach’ and the ‘making culture’ in a tangible and intangible sense both.

The methodology
CreActivitas is a place of living innovation in academics, giving to the students a whole range of deepening experiences thanks to a methodology putting together all the activities involved in the definition and management of contemporary ‘creative core’:

  • Scientific background (data search, international trendwatching about creative and cultural industries, academic analysis).
  • Events project management (event planning, event making, event management).
  • Communication and media strategy and realization (reporting and producing publications and outputs).

The point of view is built on a design-thinking perspective, with a deep attention to the user experience and design culture in general, following the EU Commission directives (from 2009) about design as the main tool for innovation in all fields.

The Activities
CreActivitas produces many public events and outputs to diffuse and divulgate creative knowledge and vision all around. The main activities are:

  • Workshops/ Meetings with groups of creative sector stakeholders and academics, to envision a larger wide of perspectives about the focus chosen for the discussion.
  • Projects/ Involvement in designing and planning events and cultural projects in partnership with relevant actors in creative fields.
  • Insights/ Dialogues ‘many to one’ with testimonials by Italian and international cultural institutions.
  • Events/ Providing event management, live and digital sides both.
  • ‘Mediadome’/ Live reporting, blogging for official Lab’s web-magazine about own events and news from the creative international landscape.
  • Library/ Building an open knowledge repository about creative industries by publishing researches and academic papers.




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